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Sizing & Hat Care





How To Measure Your Head

  • Find a measuring tape or a string that can wrap around the circumference of your head
  • While looking in the mirror, wrap the measuring tape or string around your head where your hat would sit.
  • Mark the point where the two ends of measuring tape or string come together. If using a string, lay flat and measure the string against a ruler to get your measurement in inches or centimeters.


Hat Care

Caring For Your New Hat

To keep your hat in its best condition, store in a places that avoids direct sunlight and / or wet conditions. This could be on flat surfaces or hung by the drawstring. Stacking multiple hats is ok.

Brim Straightening

Hats not hung up or kept on flat surfaces may bend. To straighten, simply flip the brim up and run your hand in a circular motion around the brim of the hat until re-shaped. We do not recommend using steam, as this damages the original quality of the hat.

Getting Your Hat Wet

It's always best to keep your hat from getting wet. If your hat does get wet, simply find a clean cloth and pat the hat dry. Once most of the moisture is off, allow your hat continue to air-dry in a dry well circulated area. We do not recommend putting your hat in the dryer as this damages the hat's quality.


Spot clean your hat with a clean cloth and wipe off any dust or small particles. We highly recommend to NOT use any harsh, cleaning chemicals as this may damage the original quality of the hat.

Loci and Friends will not be held responsible for replacing hats that are damaged by water, sunlight, soiling or other wear & tear issues caused by the owner. If your hat arrives damaged or defective, please email lociandfriendsco@gmail.com for more information on how to proceed.


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